Parents or carers may choose to bring their babies and children to a chiropractor to assess their skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems (neuromusculoskeletal system – NMS). Our chiropractors at Clayfield Chiropractic are trained to work with your whole family from babyhood. They look at your body from a structural, neurological and developmental point of view (ie. Can your baby/child move their body well, and control, co-ordinate, and use their body in an age appropriate way).

You may notice that your child is not moving in an easy, balanced, symmetrical way. This may be after a fall or accident. Most of the time, they will just brush themselves off, but occasionally, you may feel it could be a good idea to have their body checked.

Good Spinal Movement May Help Reduce Pain & Improve Mobility in:

As children grow up, they may get involved in different out-of-school activities or school sports. They may have sports injuries that chiropractic treatment may be appropriate for. They often start using devices more at this age, that can impact on their posture and cause back or neck pain.

Chiropractors are trained to look at how your child’s NMS system is working. Our detailed examinations can help you decide if working with Clayfield Chiropractic would be a good fit for your family, or whether referral to another health professional is appropriate. Treatment is modified to be appropriate for the age and size of your child.

Cheyne Thompson graduated with a further 3 years study of a Masters of Chiropractic Science (Paediatrics) from RMIT University in 2000. Since then, she has completed many continuing education courses to keep up to date with assessment and care for babies and children.