World Spine Day – Get Spine Active!

World Spine Day (a Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health initiative) is held on 16th October every year. Every year people join in to empower and raise awareness of spinal disorders and caring for your spine.

Worldwide, back problems are rated as the number one health issue. 50% of Australians are not active enough, which puts your spinal health at risk. The theme of World Spine day this year is ‘Get Spine Active’ to emphasise how important being active is to your wellbeing.

Being active every day will help your spinal health. This could include:


Strength training helps improve posture, stabilise your spine, tone your muscles and boost your metabolism. Ask your chiropractor, health professional or personal trainer to help you use good technique to optimise the benefits and reduce the chance of injury.


This is a low impact way of building endurance, cardiovascular health and muscle strength. 30 minutes swimming 3 times a week is a good goal.


This sport is suitable for all ages and abilities. It is a great social game to enjoy with friends or family that keeps you moving and increases your cardio fitness.


Also low impact, which is good for sore joints, it helps with flexibility and posture. It is an aerobic sport, so it improves function of your heart, circulation and lungs. It is even a good way to commute to work or for leisure on trails or bikeways.


Running and fast walking are great for cardio fitness and strengthen spinal muscles.

The Australian Chiropractors Association has created the Straighten Up and Just Start Walking apps, that are free from your app store.

The Straighten Up app has a 3-minute stretching program to help you maintain correct posture, and the Just Start Walking app helps you experience the benefits of walking and you can monitor your progress and improvement.

Your chiropractor at Clayfield Chiropractic can provide advice and assistance with adding spine active habits into your daily routine, and help you start today.

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