The Absolute Musts for players and fans to survive Footy Season

Once the weather starts to cool in our Great Southern Land, Australians’ passion for winter sports come to the fore in our interests. Whether that’s Rugby League, Rugby, AFL, Soccer or Netball, they become an important part of our leisure time. Here are some tips to help look after your spine, whether you are a spectator or a player (at your local club or at professional level) –

For Players

Whatever level you play at, exercising, sport and being active help keep your spine healthy. You can use these tips to help look after your spine –

Drink Plenty of Fluids

It is important to drink fluids before, during and after sports and activities to prevent dehydration.

Take Breaks

This gives your body recovery and rest time.

Use Protective Gear

Mouth-guards, Head-gear and helmets etc have been designed to help you protect yourself from injury. Make the most of these to keep you safe whilst playing your favourite games.

Warm Up

Stretching and warming up helps to let your body know that you will be exercising. It makes sure there is blood circulating where it needs to be and improves muscle and ligament flexibility. This can reduce the chance of injury and improve performance during your game.

For Fans

Dedicated fans spend many hours in a season sitting down to enjoy their passion for their team. Whether watching your kids at their local game or your favourite teams on TV, this can be hard on your lower back. When you consider a lot of us have sedentary jobs, this can add to the strain on your back. Consider these things when enjoying watching your favourite players

Try to Sit Less

You could try doing a few tasks in front of the TV to get you out of your chair if there is a slow time in the game. This could include ironing or folding washing, for example. Or get up for a glass of water or tea at break times etc.

Use Good Posture

Try to develop a habit of using better posture over time. Try not to slouch, sit sideways on your chair. Keep your head upright, and shoulders and back relaxed.

Treatment Plans

Clayfield Chiropractic’s chiropractors can recommend appropriate care for you, to help if you have existing pains. They can assess your movement and function and recommend appropriate care for you. Enjoy the footy or netball season and look after your spine at the same time!

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